About CSEA 815


Our mission is simple: to represent our members as best we can in any way we can; and to continue our role as a leader among labor unions.

To accomplish these goals, we will promote and protect union democracy. We will defend workers' rights. We will improve the quality of our members' work life. We will organize workers and represent them in the best, most effective manner possible.

As a labor union, we are committed to excellence in this work. We are committed to treating our members as our most important asset.

Because the union is the sum of its members, we will promote member participation in the union.

We will efficiently use our members' dues money.

We will negotiate the best contracts we can and enforce these contracts.

We will effectively use legislative and political action to improve contracts, work life and laws affecting our members.

We will train our members, leaders and staff.

We will communicate and process information important to our members and the union.

We will strive to secure a safe work environment for all our members.
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